Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Fundamentals of HVAC systems: Gas compression cycle.

Air & Water Systems Balancing: HVAC & R, Air-water distribution systems, NEBB certification testing preparation.

Ammonia Refrigeration systems: Introduction to NH-3, compressors, receivers, condensers, evaporators, gas detection, etc.

Boiler Operation & Maintenance: Steam and hot water heating, gas and electric.

Gas fired forced air heating systems

Heating Systems:Air and Hydronic, commercial & domestic

Heat Pumps: Air, water, ice bank, and ground source.

Plant Air Systems: Compressors, valves, and driers, etc.

Pumps Centrifugal: seals, vertical, horizontal, close coupled, and split case etc.


Basic Electrical: Source, path, loads, controls, safety, circuits, volts, current, and resistance, etc.

Cogeneration Plant Operation & Maintenance: Combined cycle, bolters, turbines, and generators.

Electrical Circuit Breakers: Low and medium voltage, MCCB, ICCB, MCP, RCD, AFCI, GFCI, Thermal magnetic, bolt in, stablock and drawout types.

Electrical Motor Controls: Two-three wire circuits, timers, starters and pilot devices.

Electrical Power Distribution Systems: Plant power supplies.

Electrical Safety: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, NFPA 70E.

Electrical Systems Troubleshooting: Motors, controls, and circuits.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters GFCI, Arch Fault

Circuit Interrupters AFCI, and Residual Current

Devices (RCDs): Introduction, Test & Operation, short circuits and ground faults.

Ladder Diagrams Electrical: Relay logic, loads, controls, and troubleshooting.

LOTO: OSHA, stored energy. Company policies and procedures.

Meters: Electrical, Volt, Ohm, Meger, and Ground resistance.

Motors: Electrical 3 phase, stator, rotor, and housing, etc.

Motor Starters: Full and reduced voltage, Wye-Delta, auto-transformer, and solid state.

National Electrical Code: Introduction, journeyman’s test preparation.
NFPA-70 NEC, 70-B Maintenance, 70-E Electrical Safety, and 101 Life safety.

PLC: Generic, Allen Bradley. Basic, for non-programmers

Stand by and Emergency Power Generators: Prime movers, generators, controls, load banks, etc.

Transformers: Electrical, dry and oil cooled, 1 and 3 phase.

UPS: Motor-generator sets, battery backup, and on line types.

Variable Frequency Drives: AC, generic and Allen Bradley, etc.

Instrumentation and Controls

Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Controls: Open & closed loop, pressure, level, temperature, and flow etc.

Oil & Gas Production Operations

Off Shore O & G Platform Electric Power Production
Screw Compressors, oil free:
Operation, maintenance, lubrication, seals and fire suppression systems, etc.