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This site contains information on electrical and mechanical training for industrial and commercial technicians provided in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

I instruct seasoned electrical and mechanical technicians about the same industrial and commercial facilities and equipment that they are employed to service, maintain and repair. Training can be conducted at your worksite or an offsite classroom location. This training includes Mechanical, Electrical, including low and medium voltage and HVAC systems.

Course lengths depend on the experience of the technician, but they can range from a four hour refresher course to hundreds of hours. Courses are modular and can be taught over a span of months to help minimize the time a technician is away from work. Most courses can easily be completed in 2 – 3 days.

Topics of instruction can be manufacturer brand specific, generic or a combination. Course content can be customized to your technician’s experience and technical level with an advance evaluation of training needs that may include written and hands-on assessment testing or use of supervisory technical ability appraisals.

Course materials range from photocopies to text book or desktop published manufacturer equipment specific. Visual aids include combinations hands-on, videos, computer generated presentations or white board.

I have written a number of eBooks which you can purchase here or by clicking on the banner on the right.

So welcome to my website and please feel free to browse. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions that you might have.

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L.W. Brittian
Instructor: L.W. Brittian.com.
Killeen/Temple, Texas Area | Writing and Editing

I like to:
Help others learn to work safely with electricity, while earning a living.
Help others to work smarter and not harder.
Help companies keep production equipment online.
Be part of the solution.

Instructor (1991 - Present)
L.W. Brittian.com

Contract Mechanical & Electrical Instructor: Generic or site specific materials. One or more days training: HVAC&R, Boilers, Basic Electrical, EPA-608, Electrical Troubleshooting, LOTO, National Electrical Code 70, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace 70-E, Maintenance 70-B, VFDs, Motors. Extensive oil & gas processing on and off shore. Author of several books, Circuit Breakers, Electrical Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Protective Relays and more, Troubleshooting Three Phase Motors, Troubleshooting Three Phase Motor Starters, Variable Frequency Drives, Troubleshooting of Industrial Electrical Equipment with a multimeter and a ladder diagram,Troubleshooting Industrial Electrical Timers Using a Multimeter and a Timing Chart, Electrical Troubleshooting Intermediate, Electrical Troubleshooting Meters 101, Overview of Offshore Oil & Gas electrical systems, Introduction to Classified Electrical Systems for Offshore Oil & Gas Personnel. . . for sale on Amazon Kindle eBooks and Barnes and Noble.